Wellness & Healing | Sustainability & ESG

As a hotel consulting specialized in the Wellness & Healing segment, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality takes on this aspect as a whole, achieving holistic hotel management and operation solutions that positively impact the environment, the community where each project is located and the individual.

In this holistic view, closely related to Sustainability, it is under the acronym ESG that we now recognize the role of each company in protecting the environment, promoting the positive impact of the business on communities and the adoption of an ethical corporate conduct.

These values are reflected in every step of the hotel project created by ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality - architecture, development, operation and investment/financial health, and can be measured and evaluated quantitatively.

Through the inclusion of the Talent Maribel Esparcia Pérez - ESG Sustainability Expert - in our team, ABC Hospitality defines ESG goals for each project, monitoring the results of the investment in ESG and demonstrating their importance in terms of financial return.



  • Make rational use of natural resources
  • Preserve biodiversity
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminate waste
  • Aim for full energy efficiency
  • Treat solid waste



  • Improve working conditions and relationships
  • Encourage inclusion and diversity policies inside and outside the company
  • Provide adequate training to employees
  • Respect human rights
  • Ensure the privacy and security of data for employees and customers
  • Promote positive impact in the community where it operates


Corporate governance

  • Preserve the independence of the board of directors
  • Adopt diversity criteria when choosing board members
  • Ensure fair and rational remuneration
  • Follow ethical and anti-corruption conduct in business
  • Practice fiscal transparency
  • Prevent cases of harassment, discrimination and prejudice