Hotel Consulting and Management Services

Hotel Consulting and Management Services

As a hotel consulting and management company for distinctive hotel units with different concepts, services and positioning within Portuguese Hospitality, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality brings together all the necessary hotel consulting and management services for the creation and development of new accommodation units from the conception of its initial project to the subsequent operation management. By putting the experience of a multidisciplinary team at the disposal of investors and customers, ABC Hospitality guarantees the services of Operations Management, Human Resources, Financial Assistance, Food & Beverage, Branding and Communication and Marketing and Sales - always aligned and reflecting on every stage the values and principles of Wellness&Healing.

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What sets us apart

  • Respect for the identity of each hotel with a common bond: Wellness & Healing Asset, Premium Product, Service and Sustainability ESG Criteria
  • Optimized and dynamic resource framework
  • Activation of tailor-made services
  • International and national partnerships with the same DNA whose expertise contribute to the creation of a cohesive product, greatly reinforcing its positioning and increasing the profitability, with a much wider revenue diversification.



  1. We develop the Economic Viability Assessment, Business Plan and Operating Accounts.
  2. We create, support and develop the best concept for each project, idea and dream.
  3. Partners and talents are integrated to fit your needs.
  4. We create the name of the hotel, develop the brand and define the Branding, Marketing and Sales strategy.
  5. We collaborate with official entities in order to ensure the hotel’s legalization and framework.
  6. We monitor projects on a daily basis, with the necessary inputs that will impact the exploration account.
  7. We define the talent profile for each project’s future collaborators, based on the brand’s concept and culture.
  8. An integrated and complete management dynamic that supports each project 100%, up until the hotel’s opening date and post-opening operational management



ABC Hospitality is tailor-made to each client, essentially in what concerns the guidelines that can best contribute to the hotel’s success and profitability, as well as the achievement of the desired results.

ABC’s General Operations Management is the link between everyone, regarding strategy and overall operations: the ABC team (Icloud) and the Management representative.



Each independent and operating hotel has a Resident Manager (hired directly by the shareholder/owner) who reports directly to the General Operations Department. The Resident Manager’s role is to manage the hotel’s daily operation in the following areas:

  1. Accommodation
  2. F&B (with the support and direction of the FB Manager)
  3. HR (with the support and direction of the RH Manager)
  4. Brand and PR (with the support and direction of our Brand Manager/Communication Agency)
  5. Marketing and Sales (with the support and direction of our Marketing & Sales Manager)
  6. Financial (with the support and direction of the Financial Director)

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