Human Resources

ABC Hospitality provides its clients with a human resources consulting service in line with the investors' objectives and hospitality unit's concept in which the training and empowerment of employees promote the creation of a sustainable and efficient human resources structure with the well-being as the common denominator. With a team of talents dedicated to the development and monitoring of the hotel's human resources structure, ABC Hospitality's human resources consultancy includes:
-A comprehensive review of the HR structure -The implementation of new forms of remuneration
- Employee empowerment through training in specific areas that are vital to each position nowadays, such as the digitization of processes or hygiene and safety certification
- focus on details that are now crucial for the sense of safety of guests, customers and suppliers.


Through its human resources consulting service, ABC Hospitality is present in monitoring and direct supporting the General Manager regarding teams leadership through Coaching tools that have as main purpose the promotion of the suitable "mindset" for the efficient performance of functions and the optimization of knowledge through technical training and soft-skills.