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Rural Hotel - Melides/Comporta

Taking the mission of keeping owner's dream and vision alive into our hands whilst preserving the identity and uniqueness of the place, we lead the investor in order to create a hotel legacy, developing a comprehensive management and operation consulting service - from the concept / project to the soft opening.
The result is a business model that stands out for its differentiation: either for its extraordinary location, for the matrix of this new concept, or for honoring the authenticity of this region.


Melides, with a priviledged location in Costa Alentejana, this is one of those places that can guarantee a level of privacy and authenticity that enables each traveler to renew their soul. It has been a Regional Tourism Board of Alentejo and Ribatejo's constant concern to ensure the quality of this magnificent destination along with sustainable and responsible growth. This new 360º project, developed from scratch by ABC Hospitality in co-creation with the investor, takes upon itself the mission of keeping the dream alive: preserving the uniqueness of this place and enhancing differentiation, either for its extraordinary location, or for these new project's fundamental guidelines or for honoring the genuineness (The Owner’s Vision).


A city with strong connections to the Portuguese  Discoveries, playing a vital role on the strategy and development of this region. Today, more than being the “Land of  Vasco da Gama”, it is a pole of great national and international visibility. Here the economic future of Portugal is projected, as well as its richness and cultural diversity with Sines Arts Center, created by the atelier Aires Mateus, and the famous FMM - Sines: The World Music Festival, makes Sines the stage for gathering cultures.
ABC Hospitality is currently working on an innovative and creative project located on the city's main streets, that will honor the story of this place. The hotel that will reflect the life and soul of Sines, promises to be a place os creation, a spot to meet friends, to celebrate moments.  As a hotel consulting plataform, we provide a comprehensive service from the concept creation to the General Manager recruitment.

Clientes ABC Hospitality S. Vicente

São Vicente - Alfama

Privileged located in the historical centre of Lisbon in the area of S. Vicente de Fora: the city’s patron saint since 1173 when D. Afonso Henriques built the first primitive temple which is now the iconic S. Vicente de Fora Monastery. The magical charism of this place can be perceived as we go down Calçada de S.Vicente, side by side with the famous Tram 28, feeling the urban atmosphere so typical of this area, being able to take a glimpse of the Tagus River and Serra da Arrábida.
The Soul’s Concept for this hotel, aiming to create and honor its territory, is aligned with the present, future realities and Tourism & Traveller Trends.
In this project, ABC Hospitality was the consulting company selected for the positioning os the first 4-star hotel of this group, providing its comprehensive service from the concept to recruitment of the General Manager.
Our mission has finished and we wish the best for this amazing Hotel. 

Quinta da Comporta Wellness Boutique Resort

We've been involved in this project from its conception, including the monitoring of the construction phase, to the softopening. Our mission has ended in December 2019. 

For this project, we applied the "A-Z" service, that is, a 360º service: we started with architecture and decor, we accompany the construction work, we defined specialties, we ensured brand and product creation, we chose all the details with direct impact on operational Management, future Guests and Employees.

This Hotel have won the Gold List 2019 Awards from the renowned international publication, Conde Nast Traveler, in the category and "Best International Getaway Hotel".

We wish anything less than great success to this unique hospitality unit. 


Palácio Ludovice Wine Experience Hotel

ABC Hospitality provided a Hospitality Consulting Service that assisted the investor on the best decisions for the Hotel’s operation and profitability, always bearing in mind its positioning.

Our hotel consulting platform was the responsible for the creation of the concept and the supervision of the project until the model room was approved!

We finished our services on the 31st May 2020 and we wish this project the greatest and well deserved success, as has we believe we've created an exclusive and unique concept during our colaboration.

Corpo Santo Hotel

With the goal of turning it into a charming property, ABC Hospitality developed the entire concept for this hotel, from the project to the management handover (to the owner).

We've advised on the naming and branding, and choosen the communication agency for the proper branding and concept application in the different outlets and stationery.

We advised the selection of the specialty team, architecture and decor and we recommended partners and suppliers at the level of an independent hotel.

Together with the architects, we defined the best layouts for the rooms and supported the decor atelier. We launched the model room and accompanied all the work done on site.

We directly advised the investor on choices that have an impact on the operation of a 5-star hotel, in order to make it stand out in light of its competition and target markets, along with selected details that were designed exclusively for this hotel and that you are already able to experience.

Hotel Convento Salvador

On this project, in which ABC Hospitality ensured Hospitality Management Consulting, we collaborated with the current Board for improving its Teams and their efficiency.

We advised on improvements for the Hotel’s performance and operational strategies, such as management tools, Yield Management, sales strategy and operational strategy.

We recommended partners and suppliers that serve this type of Hotel, which promote and help implement improvements in the quality of service.

We visit the hotel weekly and meet with the Teams in order to implement the appropriate measures.

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