Ana Beatriz

Who is she and why does she do what she loves?

Ana Beatriz

CEO & New Business Manager

Hotelier even before she was born and with a wide experience in hotel consulting and management, Ana Beatriz is ABC Hospitality CEO & New Business Manager but her career strated way before this.

The passion for hospitality, imprinted on her DNA is a legacy from her mother, who was also manager of several hotels. Ana Beatriz was born in a hotel and now she brings hotels to birth.

At the age of 11, she firmly announces that she wants to be a Hotel Manager and, since life often attends to our requests, at age of 16 she got into the Lisbon School of Hospitality and Tourism. After three years, she graduates from the Course of Professional Restaurant and Bar with distinction. Following this achievement, she was invited to participate on George Baptiste European Cup in Madrid, which brings the best students in Europe together. Since then, she has been unstoppable, overcoming several challenges in order to fulfill her dream. Passion, motivation and determination are the words that best characterize Ana Beatriz.


Professional Growth


Ana Beatriz's career began at a Portuguese Boutique Hotel Group – Heritage Lisbon Hotels – more specifically at Hotel Lisboa Plaza, Janelas Verdes Hotel and Hotel Britania, where she learned the basics of hospitaity operation and assisted the General Manager whilst kept studying in the evening, firstly at the International University, followed by the Lusófona University in which she completed the course with distinction and got her degree in Tourism Planning and Development.

In 2001, she was defied by the Heritage Lisbon Hotels board members to open Solar do Castelo, a charming Boutique Hotel in the S. Jorge Castle, in the city of Lisbon. An invitation she couln't declined. The 11-year-old girl has grown into a successful woman in the hospitality world and she couldn't be more satisfied to conquer her dream.

Four years later, it was about time for a new challenge: the opening of the prestigious “Heritage Av. Liberdade” Boutique Hotel in Lisbon. In same year, she became a mother for the first time: "the biggest challenge of her life", as she usually claims. These new and enormous challenges required lifestyle changes and, for the next two years, she managed two Wine Tourism Hotels: Quinta de Catralvos and Monte da Charca. Constantly involving, eager for knowledge, she completed her Graduation Course at the Lisbon School of Hospitality and Tourism – the place where it all began at 16 years old.

In 2009, she returned to the Heritage Group and assumed the position of Hotel Manager. Now, everything seemed to run smoothly... But as natural born entrepreneur, the journey must continue, after all, her motto is "training and vocation are the keys to success". Thus, she decides to take a "Financial & Hospitality Management" specialization course at Cornell University in Itaka, United States of America. Soon after, she is invited by the Portuguese Tourism Office to be the "Ambassador of Portugal’s Hospitality and Tourism Schools": not only did she gain public recognition, but she also became a role model, inspiring young people through her successful career example.

In that same year, convinced that the best and only way to create a new, highly skilled and passionate generation of professionals in Portugal, she decides to start teaching at the Lisbon School of Hospitality and Tourism.

The following years were all about changes and transformations. In addition to being a mother for the second time, she received a very special invitation, a real mission: the great family patriarch, her grandfather Virgílio, challenges her to manage the family's assets, a building and management company in the Tourism sector, which derived into “Refúgios de Portugal”, focused on the touristic development of the Portuguese countryside houses as: Casa Fonte Sol, in the Arrábida Mountain; Casa de Mendiz, in the Douro region; and Monte da Charca, in Pegões.

The year 2014 brings new challenges, and in this same year two investment groups contact Ana Beatriz in order to guide 360º hotel projects. The success of these units was revealing and led to complex, but necessary decisions, which opened the way for the founding of a hotel consulting brand, driven by a great dream: to help investors to recover what exists, to rescue the soul and meaning, history and roots, thus allowing others to enjoy the best of each place, through the concept of hospitality that she knows, performs and creates so well.

The materialization of this new stage begins in 2015 with the clear purpose of bond talents in favor of a common good - Premium National Hospitality - and its launch is marked by the development of 360º hotel projects for investors who are interested in the recovery of two centenary properties, giving them new life and valuing their history.

Today, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality already has an interesting portfolio of fully functioning hospitality units. The success of these units has contributed to the affirmation of the hotel consulting brand in the Wellness segment, both nationally and internationally.

This affirmation by ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality has been solidified by the international recognition it has earned, emphasized by the partnership with the Global Wellness Institute, of which ABC Hospitality is the first, and only, ambassador in Portugal.

At the same time, Ana Beatriz is invited to participate in one of the most important works on the power of the Wellness segment in Hospitality. "Wellness Asset" - by Sonal Uberoi - highlights ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality as a case study, and the author becomes an integral part of this consultant's talent team for hotel management and operation.

The answer to the increase in new Hotels/Hospitality, is to invest in high-quality professional consulting for new projects, based on a "one-to-one" method. This allows for greater flexibility and a "work with me" customization, while simultaneously combining lightness and structural mobility, thus making processes simpler and more efficient.

Currently, she is revolutionising Portuguese Hospitality through innovative concepts that combine history and future, happening right here, right now! NOW stands by the name of ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality.